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We met Prakash around 8 months ago, on a recommendation from a family member. At this point we were struggling to communicate with each other, and my partner had anger/anxiety issues which we couldn’t really identify or work through alone. 

Prakash has helped us over this time to identify each of the issues we face, understand them fully and deal with them in constructive ways. We have learned from Prakash how to communicate more effectively with each other, using tools he has taught us, and we operate as a much stronger couple now because of this. 

My partner has grown a lot from our sessions with Prakash and has gained a huge amount of self-confidence which I see in him every day with the way he speaks and the challenges he sets himself and accomplishes without dependence on others.

Prakash has been so welcoming and understanding of us, and we are both in awe of his extensive knowledge in every aspect of relationships, self-worth and communication. I would readily recommend him to anyone I think would benefit from his services, and we wouldn’t hesitate to go back to him if we require further help. Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done with us Prakash.

Ryan and Luci


My 7 year old grandson needed urgent help as the result of a minor accident 18 months ago.  He had always been a slightly anxious child and suddenly we were in crisis.  Prakash responded very quickly to our call for help.  For the last 18 months he has been just a phone call or email away when needed.  He has been with us on a journey that has had highs, lows, anxieties and successes.  He quickly developed a warm, positive relationship with my grandson.  He sees Prakash as a key support person in his life and he has a high level of trust of him.  Prakash supported us to meet each challenge and today we have a happy child whose worries occasionally impact on him but they never stay long.

Judy (grandparent)


We used the expert services of Prakash a few years back with our oldest son, with great success for his dyslexia.  We therefore had no doubt we would use Prakash for our younger sons behavioural issues. With Prakash’s expert guidance, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Behaviour disorder.

From day one, both boys held a great amount of respect for Prakash, this was clearly evident in the way he communicated and listened to our son.  At the end of the day, we were there to help our son with his behavioural issues and feel less frustrated, Prakash is not afraid to highlight patterns of behaviour, we too, as his parents needed to change in order to help our son.  We highly valued this honesty.   

Over a course of a few weekly sessions, Prakash helped us implement systems and structures within the home in order for our son to feel less frustrated and gain greater self-confidence. 

We received a detailed report after the initial assessment with a follow up report clearly defining the process improvements to help our son reach his full potential in a positive way.

We can clearly see the huge improvements and impact this has had on our household.  Our son is much happier, relaxed, confident and willing child.  We highly recommend the services of Prakash Grover.

Andrew and Michelle

It is my pleasure to provide a testimonial of the outstanding help we have received from Prakash Grover for our son.

Our journey with our son’s learning started with primary school Reading Recovery classes and lots of tension at home during homework time. We were told by the school he is a lovely, active boy and is just one of those kids for whom writing and reading is not a strength.

Then when he started high school, after 3 months it was suggested by his teacher that we get him assessed as he kept mentioning that he felt dumb.  We did and he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Then he received tutoring from that same organisation for the next 2 ½ years and lots of encouragement from his school.  So things were much improved but not perfect.

We were thankful for the diagnosis and just resigned ourselves to the fact that homework would always be a struggle to endure.  Avoiding arguments was always a minefield and patience was often stretched to it’s limits.

Then leading up to his NCEA year we were advised by the SENCO that he needed an Educational Psychology Assessment to fully access his need for a reader/writer. This bought us to Prakash.

Prakash’s assessment was extremely thorough and bought to light our son’s challenges with his processing speed and his working memory. He explained how things felt from our son’s point of view and our son was amazed at how Prakash articulated so well what was going on with him. Our son thought some of the things were so accurate they seemed ‘spooky.’

This assessment was later followed by a positive programming plan for us as a family and his teachers, plus several sessions outlining practical strategies for us to set up with him and support him with.

Prakash has guided us as a family with fantastic, practical advice which has led to greater self-management, independence and organisational skills (of tasks and thoughts) for our son. This has resulted in consistent completion of his work with very little anxiety and no more conflict. If only we had known earlier!

Our son’s confidence has grown exponentially as a result and he is feeling very proud of his achievements. No longer do we get the procrastination and moodiness now he has the tools to break things down and tackle things simply step by step. These were skills we struggled to teach him as we were looking at it from the wrong perspective in the first place.

Prakash’s system was simple and well explained in a direct, succinct, professional and often humorous way which had us all on board.

Prakash has taught us all so many valuable skills we didn’t realise we needed to know. These solutions have set our son on a new path and we are confident this will help him grow from strength to strength.

We would not hesitate in recommending Prakash Grover to anyone who requires his services.

Best regards,

Alice & Gerrard Kennedy

When Sam my son was diagnosed with anxiety and depression I chose to return to Prakash as he had helped Sam out previously with learning difficulties and processing disorder.   Prakash showed lots of compassion for Sam and suggested that CBT could play a large part in helping Sam cope with his anxiety and depression.  He showed Sam many strategies for coping which in turn made him feel that he could deal with his anxiety.

He met with his teachers and explained the situation to them, so they too had a much better understanding of what was necessary for Sam to improve.

Sam respected what Prakash was doing and decided quite early on that this was the path he wanted to take as he felt that medication was not helping at all and discontinued it.

As a parent, I can highly recommend Prakash and this form of therapy.  For Sam it seemed to work quite quickly and if he felt overwhelmed at any point Prakash was available to talk things through with him.

After only a few months treatment, I now have my son back who is probably more focused and confident than before his diagnosis.

We both are very grateful to Prakash for his knowledge, kindness and consideration.

Sarah Shepard

As parents, we knew our daughter to be enthusiastic about school work and enjoyed going to school.  However, last year her teacher became aware that there were some significant discrepancies that were impacting on our daughter being able to reach her full potential.

The school contacted us and a meeting was arranged with her teacher, the SENCO teacher also the (assistant Principal). We reached an agreement with the school further specialist intervention was required which was not available through the school resources. The challenge was to identify the specialist support that could help identify what was wrong. We felt working with an Educational Psychologist who may be able to make an assessment and identify ways we could help our daughter would be beneficial.

This is how our journey with Prakash Grover and ABL Psychological Services began. The initial assessment was done through a series of tests, observation and conversation with our daughter which enabled Prakash to identify what the issues and how we, the parents and the school teachers, could support our daughter to overcome the discrepancies that was identified

It all made sense to us and gave us confidence to engage Prakash to coach us as parents to support Jamiee. His ability to explain through a clear and concise way  and has been very helpful and reassuring. His ability to break the issues down into smaller parts, identifying the key issues, implications and sharing solutions has been invaluable.

His approach is kind, caring and professional with a sense of humor that has been quite motivating on this journey. We have seen the positive impact of implementing the tools and strategies Prakash has recommended.

Having Prakash explain the discrepancies with our daughters learning to the school and her teachers has been invaluable in that they are now armed with the tools and strategies to support our daughter to reach her full potential.

 Thanks to Prakash our daughter is further equipped to have the confidence to relate to others, manage herself, participate and contribute in the classroom.

Anna Maharaj

We were referred to Prakash Grover when our son was 12 years old and in term 3 of Year 8 at Intermediate School.  Our son, although very bright, had always had difficulties with writing which was the source of much frustration for all of us; none of his previous teachers had any answers for us.  However in Year 8 he was lucky enough to have a teacher that recognized he was not just being lazy or “just a boy” and we sought help from Prakash.

Our son was diagnosed with dyspraxia and processing issues and we started counseling sessions with Prakash straight away.  We received an assessment report which included all the results from his testing and strategies for both us as a family and his school to put in place to make life and learning easier for him.  Our son became much happier at school and at home, he was again the happy and caring person we knew him as.  We then realized just how unhappy he had become and how his confidence had suffered because of his difficulties.

One term after starting counseling with Prakash, our son started high school.  We were all quite anxious as to how he would handle going into one of the biggest schools in the country with very strict rules and very old fashioned ways of teaching ie, lots of handwriting involved.  However, our son has settled in to high school amazingly well and is scoring some great results in his exams and tests.  We are very proud of the way he is organizing himself and keeping up with school work and homework.  What we are most happy about is that his self-confidence is increasing and he is a much happier boy. 

We can’t thank Prakash enough for what he has done for our son and us all as a family – he has changed our lives and for that we are very grateful.

Susie and Oliver


Our family first met with Prakash Grover a few months ago.  Our son attends a well-respected school in Auckland and it was brought to our attention that he had learning difficulties. We were put in contact with Indigo Psychological Services, in order to get an assessment done for our son.  We personally chose Prakash and as parents, we could not have chosen a better, more professional Psychologist, with excellent expert advice. 

Dr Grover designed an organisational programme specific to our son, which has allowed him to take charge of his homework, recreation and chores around the home. As parents, we provide the appropriate support for our son in the process.  He is a different child and is thriving in this programme. I would recommend every parent implement a programme such as this in the home as it allows the child to take charge, however leaving the parent in control,  without the nagging and constant requests a parent is ‘required’ to make. Our home is a happier one and is working exceptionally well. 

Our lives and that of our son have been transformed since meeting with and implementing Dr Grover’s programme. Dr Grover is driven to make sure that our son achieves success in his programme,  and has always acted in the best interest of our son.  

This has been evident throughout this process. This programme is simple and achievable for families. 

Another side of these assessments with Dr Grover was to assess us as parents, in a non-invasive manner so as to allow us a better understanding of ourselves and where we are best able to assist our children. This has been an invaluable process and outlines who we are as people and how we, as a family can work together in the best possible way. 

The changes Dr Prakash has made in our family for the benefit our son’s learning, has without doubt benefitted our son and us all and we are eternally grateful.  We will continue to recommend Dr Grover to all and will not hesitate to call on his services when the time arises, as the children get older. 

Kirsty Whyte 2015

Over recent years our son had been struggling with his reading, writing and general workload at school, particularly as he’s now at Intermediate School. Though he is bright, he’s been expressing some anxiety around getting work done in a suitable time. He was also worried about examinations and how he would cope with revision and the pressure of completing the exams.  We were recommended to see Prakash so get an assessment and ways of managing these challenges. The initial consultation provided us with some insights to some possible solutions so we decided to pursue a programme with Prakash.

 Following an initial assessment with our son, it was identified that he may have some challenges with Process Memory. We then embarked on a number of sessions to work on strategies to improve these outcomes and build his confidence. The programme Prakash set out was simple in it’s design, easy to understand for all members of our family and broken down into manageable stages over a number of weeks. 

 By taking on board each steps and introducing a new regime at home, each member of our family could make small changes that when taken together, had a huge impact on the way our son was able to manage his workload, get organised and address his academic work. His confidence began to grow and the frustration and anxiety around schoolwork was beginning to diminish. 

 As we approached the end of the programme, we could easily see the improvement across our son’s academic work, but also the improvement in his general confidence was significantly enhanced. Each member of the family was able to contribute and play an active part in understanding the challenges and resolving them in a positive manner. 

 When it came to his end of year examinations, we had a set of tools and approaches we could use to support him and help him navigate the challenges of revising and completing the exams. The results from the exams we’re positive and it reflected the hard work he had made in taking the approaches that Prakash had developed. 

 We now have a framework and plan to address his specific academic challenges, but also have a way to maintain good family communication and deal with any pressure and anxiety that arises from his academic development. We’re about to introduce the final stage of the programme which involves introducing the school and teachers to some of the approaches that will help our son manage his particular challenge.

 With this in place we are confident that our son will continue to thrive, grow in confidence and achieve his academic potential. We are grateful for the input Prakash has had in providing an excellent framework for us to move forward with greater confidence. 



An expression of gratitude……..

When we first met Prakash couple of years back, Luke our son was at the end of year 4 in a well-respected, large private school on the North Shore. By nature Luke was a happy outgoing and intelligent boy. He had started out loving school, but his emotional state and his performance deteriorated sharply. He was assessed as being above average intelligence, but also with mild ADHD and dyslexia. He had difficulty with handwriting, and reading. He became deeply disturbed about school and every morning was a drama. He once said ‘my life sucks, I wish I was dead!’ This would be a fair representation of his emotional state at the time. He felt powerless, and ‘not good’ at anything. As parents this was deeply distressing to us.

I recall vividly your advice to us that no learning would take place for Luke until his social and organisational needs were met. This was the start of a process that you led us through to assess his   needs. The change in Luke during year 5 was dramatic. His confidence came back, his reading improved, and he came to accept the need to go to school, and to do well. His teachers reported good progress, especially in maths and reading.

Given his ADHD, dyslexia and handwriting issues, however, we still faced significant challenges. He still had the issue of talking in class (largely to compensate for slow reading and copying of teachers notes on the blackboard) and he still hated homework. We are thankful to Prakash for designing a organisational process for Luke that put him in charge of planning his time and activities such as homework, recreation and learning techniques and helping around the house. We were involved in providing appropriate support, and reinforcing him keeping on track. This programme is both simple and elegant. The period from after school to bed time has changed from being rushed and stressful to being organised, easy and relaxing. On top of this Luke’s results are improving noticeably. My relationship with my son is without any friction points and he is demonstrably happier. There is now no argument about doing homework, because he has planned when he will do it. Now he gets to play his computer games because he has done all he is required to and everyone is happy. This process is helping to give Luke mastery and control of his life. It is working very well. Now I realise that it was not his dyslexia which was holding him back it was in fact his lack of control on his environment which was the barrier.

I am writing to thank Prakash for helping to ‘get our happy boy back’.  The changes that have been made will be profound for him, and I am really grateful for your wise and timely in-depth guidance. In my former life I was founder, and later chairman of the largest executive placement company in New Zealand. I consider that I have significant expertise in identifying high performance across many disciplines. I consider your expertise in this area to be simply outstanding, and I have already recommended you to a number of people.
I am sure you will help many more children who have similar needs like Luke. I am happy to be contacted at the following details should anyone wants to know further.

Peter Sullivan

Box 387 Warkworth,

021 968 551

We required a repeat Educational Psychology assessment for our son, and the educational psychologist he had seen a few times before had sadly passed away.

I researched the Ed. Psychologists available in Auckland on-line, and phoned a few practices. I did not find their approaches very empathetic or helpful.

However, one person Prakash Grover had many heartfelt, warm and credible testimonials on-line. I phone the practice and spoke with a lovely receptionist who was most helpful and approachable. And that is how we came into contact with Prakash Grover.

He was different in his approach to our son and us, compared to the previous assessments we and our son had experienced. To put it plainly he cut to the chase in a kind and most understanding way. We opted for a thorough investigation of our son and how we worked as a family as well. This was actually very useful as frustrations and misunderstandings had appeared in our otherwise generally peaceful household. Our son was growing up, my motherly but smothery approach was not working, our son was getting very resentful, and my husband was caught between the two of us.

Over a few days all the problems were uncovered, discussed, negotiated and a plan was put into place. We are still working on the plan, and are most happy and relieved to say that harmony in creeping back into our family. Our son’s school achievements have improved considerably, his behaviour and communication is easier at home, he appears happier, and he and I are getting on well.

I am a medical professional, and found that he respected my medical knowledge and worked with me in a kind and respectful way. I became to realize my role in the family and problem without me ever losing hope or self-esteem. I will be seeing him on personal basis too.

I would recommend Prakash Grover to anyone, not only a child who requires an educational psychologist, but anyone who needs no- nonsense but empathetic counselling and understanding to assist that person to  be all he/she could be.

We owe a lot to Prakash Grover. We got more than we hoped for, and to be honest I think he’s a unique human being.

Mother, Howick.

021 163 7797 /09-4210813

We required a repeat Educational Psychology assessment for our son, and the educational psychologist he had seen a few times before had sadly passed away.

I researched the Ed. Psychologists available in Auckland on-line, and phoned a few practices. I did not find their approaches very empathetic or helpful.

However, one person Prakash Grover had many heartfelt, warm and credible testimonials on-line. I phone the practice and spoke with a lovely receptionist who was most helpful and approachable. And that is how we came into contact with Prakash Grover.

He was different in his approach to our son and us, compared to the previous assessments we and our son had experienced. To put it plainly he cut to the chase in a kind and most understanding way. We opted for a thorough investigation of our son and how we worked as a family as well. This was actually very useful as frustrations and misunderstandings had appeared in our otherwise generally peaceful household. Our son was growing up, my motherly but smothery approach was not working, our son was getting very resentful, and my husband was caught between the two of us.

Over a few days all the problems were uncovered, discussed, negotiated and a plan was put into place. We are still working on the plan, and are most happy and relieved to say that harmony in creeping back into our family. Our son’s school achievements have improved considerably, his behaviour and communication is easier at home, he appears happier, and he and I are getting on well.

I am a medical professional, and found that he respected my medical knowledge and worked with me in a kind and respectful way. I became to realize my role in the family and problem without me ever losing hope or self-esteem. I will be seeing him on personal basis too.

I would recommend Prakash Grover to anyone, not only a child who requires an educational psychologist, but anyone who needs no- nonsense but empathetic counselling and understanding to assist that person to  be all he/she could be.

We owe a lot to Prakash Grover. We got more than we hoped for, and to be honest I think he’s a unique human being.

Mother, Howick.

What a great find !!

Our son had some issues during intermediate with being bullied and he also got assaulted by a secondary school pupil on the way to catching the bus one morning.  Due to this we decided to move our son to a private school where he would hopefully be safe.  This worked for two years and then during the second term of this year we started to experience some minor behavioural problems.  These started to become a daily occurrence with him getting into trouble on a daily basis at school and we as parents were starting to experience some major out bursts at home. 

Together with the school we tried to get to the bottom of the issues and work out some solutions.  We all seemed to be getting nowhere and the problems became worse.  Two weeks before exams we had a child that was beside himself and no one could control. We just happened to be talking to another family when they mentioned Prakash and how they have helped their son and family with a younger child experiencing similar behaviour issues.  Great with adult company but not coping with peers and with school.

After our initial call with Prakash we set up an appointment with our son.  After the initial meeting, appointments were made for testing to be completed.  When we got the results we finally had some answers and a plan was made on what we could do.  Over the first couple of months Prakash has had meetings with our son alone and together with my husband and I.  At our initial meeting he asked our son various questions and asked us a couple.  He then gave us all a description of what our son is like, how he behaves and what he like at home and school.  The shock on our sons face when he heard what Prakash had to say.  He still brings it up today on how by asking a couple of questions he could tell so much about him.

Our son has now got some answers.  He knows why he has been behaving like he did and what to do to change. Prakash has given him the confidence and tools to start and make this change.  This is what our son really wanted to do for himself and we can see him working really hard to make this change.  People he deals with on a day to day basis can also see the change.

The school have been very supportive and patient with us in the initial stages of us seeking outside help.  Prakash arranged for a meeting with the school and all his teachers attended.  He became our sons advocate.  He explained what has happened in our son’s life and how this has affected him and why he is behaving like he has been doing.  He explained what kind of learner he is and how they can work with him, if he gets overloaded with information.  He asked for a teacher to become a mentor in the school should he need to go for help, three teacher’s instantly volunteered.  Personally I found this meeting very overwhelming, fourteen people sitting around a table giving up their own personal time.  Staff now understood our son and what they could do to help him, which they have been willing to do.

Six week after our initial visit we have a changed child, a child who is working really hard to make each day a better day.  The school and pupils can’t believe he is the same child, family and friends also make similar comments.  He has had a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.  We still have the odd speed wobbles but we are now able to pick up on the signs.  The school have been brilliant and we are a team all working to try and achieve the same goal.  A support network has been set up at school and also at home.  Prakash is at the end of the phone should any of us need him.

Since our initial visit we have only had to call Prakash once when the stress levels were getting high prior to exams.  Prakash was at the end of the phone and time was made for our son to help get him over that hurdle.

Prakash has since given him skills to help him with his behavior how to vent his anger and frustration.  Also an understanding, that this needs to be worked on all the time.  These skills have also given him the confidence to know that it is okay to walk away or just to ask for help.

These skills are not just skills that will be used now but how they are important to master so that you can get through school and tertiary education and beyond.  Over the last couple of months the focus has been on skills that will help him in the classroom, how to develop a study program. How to read for meaning and develop ways to help with exams.  Also how to develop some great study notes so that when exams time comes around this may lower the stress levels.

We are all a work in progress and we just wish that we had found out about Prakash earlier.  We would not hesitate to recommend Prakash to anyone.

Twelve months  ago my daughter 17 years old and my son 16 years old went to St Kentigern College. They had been home-schooled all their lives. They were unable to adjust to the learning style of a conventional schooling system. I could not understand why this was as I knew them to be very intelligent children.  On the advice of the school both the children attended Indigo and met Prakash.

At that first meeting Prakesh got them to sit the adult Cognitive and Learning assessment test. They scored 93 and 97 respectively. Although their results were pretty impressive Prakesh realised they were both dyslexic and planned a support system for them.

With Prakash’s unique support which was a blend of his experience and holistic approach the change was unbelievable. He identified the dimensions which could not be even thought by an ordinary person. The change in our sons reading ability was immediate and quite amazing. Our daughter was able to complete her work on time. Completion had been a real problem for her even though she understood the work.

Both the children visited Prakesh regularly for advice on the best methods of study, he also came to our house and advised us on the best way to set up their rooms as effective study areas.

Our daughter was also given extra advice on social issues that were making life difficult for her. She is back to being the confident girl she had always been, once again full of laughter and enthusiasm.

Prakesh’s gentle and very caring manner made it easy for the children to respond to his advice. He has become a trusted friend to them both and we are all very grateful to him for all the effort he has put in to our family. We wish he would have met us years back

Our daughter has gone from failing her first maths internal exam to 100% in her last one. She is averaging  achieved to excellence in all her exams.

Our son has rocketed to the top of his chemistry class , is achieving  very high marks in all his subjects and has come completely out of his shell socially which is marvelous as he has always been a very shy boy. The change in him is a wonderful thing.  I cannot believe they are the same children.

Prakesh has recently supported me with very sound advice and encouragement for my future. I am 54 years of age and after 34 years of child rearing have had to consider what comes next. I have just been excepted to study for a degree in emergency management and am very grateful to Prakesh for his input.

I am very happy for Prakesh to use our family as an example to people in order for him to demonstrate how helpful he can be in so many ways. I believe if anyone seeking his advice follows it carefully they will have the same level of success that we have had.

Thank you Indigo for giving us an access to such a wonderful professional. I am happy to give a verbal reference for Prakesh Grover. My contact details are available from him at his discretion.                                

Regards, Linda Koller

I am writing this reference in support of Prakash Grover. Prakash is a registered psychologist and a speech language therapist. He has provided support for my son over the last 3 years. Prior to this, we had struggled to cope with the many educational, social, behavioural and emotional issues bombarding us.  As a family, the stress was overwhelming and we weren’t coping. Most other professionals involved at different times had not been helpful.  Prakash has a tremendous base of knowledge and experience to offer his clients.

Prakash has a positive approach and works to find effective solutions. Where others may see only problems, Prakash has always been focussed on working towards constructive outcomes. Prakash has a unique blend of knowledge and skills, incorporating communication/speech and language therapy, psychology and counselling. He demonstrates a willingness to consider other perspectives and this adds to the effectiveness of his services. Prakash listens to the concerns of both family and client. He has maintained a sense of humour and calmness during difficult times and shown he has a genuine commitment to my child.

In addition, Prakash has patiently co-ordinated the various services involved. There have been significant positive changes in the quality of life for both my son and family as a result. I can’t even believe we have the same child!

 I have no hesitation in recommending Prakash Grover to other families. I wish Prakash well for his future and to thank him sincerely for his support and caring attitude.

I am happy to be contacted by email in the first instance if any further information is required.

Sue Hermon

“I thought I would use my first official and second ever email to thank you and your organisation for all your help and guidance for me with dyslexia. It was hard for me to ring anyone and tell them that I had difficulties with reading and writing. I was scared where the process would lead me, and how much embarrassment I would have to face, but talking to you that first time, around six or seven weeks ago, you put me at ease with your experience and understanding. I would also like to thank you very much for matching me with Prakash. He’s been awesome to work with, as you told me he would be. Each time I leave, I feel more confident about myself and the process. He is teaching me many techniques. I actually enjoy going, which is great. Without you and Prakash’s help and direction, even this email wouldn’t have happened. I felt before that I couldn’t. Now I know I can. Things can only get better and better. Thank you so much again for all your help. You helped me help myself. Merry Christmas, all the best for 2011.”


I am a 16 year old boy and have been diagnosed with dyslexia. Over the time I spent with Prakash , I am helped in many ways. When I went to Prakash I was not confident in myself. Prakash helped me overcome with some issues that were preventing me from living my life to the full potential that could be achieved. Prakash helped me to organise my time to a schedule.

The results of spending time with Prakash is that I am now very confident in my own abilities and to handle any challenge that come up my way. My school grades have gone up considerably since seeing Prakash. My spelling of words has also improved.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone with issues of dyslexia and ADHD to Prakash.

All the best

Ethan L.K

It is my pleasure to write about Prakash Grover who has been a support to me for years as my speech language therapist and Psychologist. I suffer from stuttering which is closely associated with anxiety. This issue keeps affecting me in all walks of my life.

I was lucky to be introduced to him for professional therapy. What impressed me the most about him is the eclectic approach he takes with his clients. He has the vision and knowledge to support the issue. His therapy helped me the most and I felt out of the woods in no time. Interestingly, problem did not completely disappear but I was able to cope with day to day pressure.

I was influenced so much by his compassion, personality and knowledge that I accepted him as my mentor for different issues of my life. His qualifications as a speech language therapist, Psychologist, and a counsellor make him complete professional for any speech and behaviour issue. He has not only tackled my speech related issues effectively but has also helped me to become a better person.

Unfortunately he migrated to New Zealand and I lost the close contact with him which was a big loss to me. However, he consented to continue to support me through available technology. He has been continuously              guiding me by waking up early in the mornings and staying up late at nights. I am not no less than sure that my quality of life would not have been that great had I not met him.

I have no hesitation is suggesting his name to anyone and everyone with similar issues. In the past I referred couple of my friends and relatives with similar issues and interestingly all of them praised him with same impetus.

I am happy to talk to any anyone regarding Prakash and give verbal reference.

Rahul Gupta

Chartered Accountant
Phone: 00-91-129 4044764
Mobile: 00-91-9810959404

I am a 18 year old girl and have been diagnosed with ADHD by a specialist who prescribed Retalin for me. Instead of filling my body with chemicals I chose to look for other options and was fortunate enough to be referred to Prakash by my school.

Before Prakash’s help I was struggling with my organisation skills even though I always tried hard to organise myself. My maths scores were very low.

With Prakash’s help and guidance I am changing my life for the better. I got 100% in maths last week, my work is handed over in time and my mum no longer has to be hassle me over my messy room.

Prakash has now become a good and trusted friend.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone with issues of dyslexia and ADHD to Prakash.

I can be contacted at 0274843936 for further details.

All the best,
P. Koller

We are the proud parents of a happy, loving and quite gorgeous, 15 year old young man. Logan was a bright pre-schooler who reached all his milestones early and was described by his pre-school teachers as ‘incredibly bright’ and a ‘delight’ to have around. We were lucky enough not to go through many of the usual trials and tribulations that many families suffer while navigating the first five years of their child’s life.

Then…he started school! Within three weeks we were experiencing behavioural problems, tears, tantrums, resistance, anger and frustration.

Logan was like a different child. It was heart breaking and certainly not what we expected. The subsequent eight years were an educational rollercoaster for Logan, and a nightmare for us. How could merely going to school change our beautiful child so much?
We shed so much blood, sweat and tears over his schooling, not to mention the thousands of dollars in assessments, extra tutoring and many educational resources.

When Logan was 9 we had learned enough to know that something was definitely going on. After all, how could a perfectly happy child be so distressed at school and about homework? He was much more relaxed on school holidays and after a week or so he would begin to return to his normal happy self. We always returned him to school reluctantly! Homework became a battleground. We tried bribes, threats of removing privileges, punishments such as early bed times and loss of pocket money. Nothing seemed to work. We finally had him assessed with an educational psychologist who diagnosed (what we already suspected), dyslexia. What a relief.
Okay, so now we knew what was going on, what on earth were we going to do about it? (The Ed Psych in question was not a lot of help).

Logan has been at 3 different schools and whilst many of his teachers were polite, respectful and supportive, none of them had a clue what to do. They are just not trained to deal with children with specific learning difficulties. They become impatient and basically ignore them, unless they are telling them off. Logan has been verbally abused by teachers due to their ignorance of dyslexia and they want blame the child for not wanting to learn. They could not be more wrong!

I am happy and relieved to say that two and a half years ago we met Prakash Grover. Logan felt instantly at ease with Prakash and although he lacked self confidence at that stage, he enjoyed that first session and was so impressed that Prakash seemed to know so much about him in just a short time. We have continued to see Prakash for ongoing support and help with study skills. Since Prakash has been in our lives, school work has become much easier with Logan progressing incredibly well. It’s fair to say that Prakash really is one of Logan’s friends. He loves going to see him.

Prakash has helped Logan to understand himself really well and to operate in a way that maximises his learning. Many of the skills that Prakash taught Logan were put to the test when we did correspondence schooling for 3 months last year. It’s the first time that Logan has been able to work independently and for long periods of time. In fact I had to interrupt him working so that he would come and eat!!! Amazingly Logan went from a decade of struggling at school to practically a straight A student! We are all very happy, proud and relieved.

Although Logan has worked hard and we have helped wherever we can, we have no doubt that we could not have done this without the skills, support, and knowledge of Prakash. He is a very special man and if all teachers could be trained by him they would be able to change the lives of so many young people. I don’t believe it’s difficult to teach a child that finds learning easy. But the true test of a teacher is them being able to reach EVERY child in the classroom. Between our two children (we have an 11 year old dyslexic daughter, Danielle, who Prakash is also helping us with.) we have chalked up 16 years of schooling and during this time I have met very few teachers that can pull this off. The Education System in New Zealand needs to make big changes and with special people like Mr Prakash Grover involved, those changes can only be for the better.

I would recommend Prakash to any parent who’s child is experiencing learning difficulties or emotional issues. And I would recommend Prakash to any teacher or school who are really committed to reaching every child on their roll.
Every child deserves a quality education, it is their right. The only way this can happen is by affording each of those children a ‘level playing field’ on which to learn.

I am happy for anyone to contact me regarding this letter.
My contact details are below.

Regards Carolyn Annan

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After years of asking why my son seemed to be struggling with certain learning areas, we have now found the solution – Prakash Grover!

My son is 14 and ever since he started school I have questioned his teachers as to why he has struggled with writing, reading and maths.  I was always told he was ‘very bright’.  Why then, I asked, could he not spell his full name at the age of ten?

A mature, well spoken child, he has managed to slip between the cracks.  This year he was put in the bottom streamed class for maths and after spending a considerable amount of money on tutors, we were getting no where.

A friend of a friend told me about ABL services and when I spoke to Lynn Beresford about my concerns, she said we needed Prakash.  How right she was.

After attending the initial assessment session we decided to invest in the full programme and are reaping the rewards.  My son is a lot happier and more successful with his independent studies. He has grown in confidence and we as a family have grown in understanding of his learning needs.

Prakash has taught us some very simple systems which have revolutionised the running of our house.  He has also shown us that our hectic lifestyles might work for us and the rest of the family, but they are not working for my son.

We have slowed down, adjusted to the new systems and have been rewarded with better grades and a more confident learner. 

Prakash had an instant rapport with my son and we as a family trust him completely.  His many levels of expertise allow him to diagnose individual needs.  My son had previously been labelled dyslexic and told to  ‘just try harder’ but Prakash has assessed his needs in several areas and has not labelled him at all.  He is treating the whole person with humour and respect and we are very privileged to have his continued support and counsel.

If you want to contact me for further details, my details are available with Prakash.

I am a 24 year old male who was diagnosed with dyslexia in 1998. I have confidence and anxiety issues which over the years I have put up barriers and walls as coping strategies but I found that these were only working short term. I have tried different courses and seen different people to work on my dyslexia and associate issues, such my confidence and anxiety.

Since Year 11 I have had a dream and now I’ve turned it into a goal to become a policeman.  As i knew i had these issues i wanted to seek more help to solve them or develop better strategies to cope with them. I was  introduced to Prakash through my supportive parents. Prakash is a registered psychologist and a speech language therapist with many years of experience. He has been working with me for just over 8 weeks now.   He understands my issues which he has been able to provide some positive strategies which have helped.

The strategies and hints Prakash has passed on has enabled me to cope easier with my anxiety for example: taking myself away from the situation and splashing my face with water. This has helped many times when I have started to panic as the water freshens me up, clears some of the negative feelings, so i can go back with a more positive frame of mind. The other strategies range from basic sentence structure which includes Onions and Tomatoes (pre – made sentences) – these have been most effective with creating emails and my everyday work to Public speaking which included the movement of my hands to help create more ideas in my head.

I know it is early days but already it feels like the new strategies are working. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and developing the strategies further so I can continue to build my confidence and reduce my anxiety to achieve my goal.  Prakash is really an exceptional professional with versatile skills.

I would like to thank Prakash for the time and effort he has given me so far. I strongly recommend his services for everyone who has issues such as dyslexia. Should you wish to do so, you can do so. Prakash has my contact details.

Kind Regards

Chris McTague

This reference is to support Mr. Prakash Grover.  My experience with Prakash has been as a Psychologist and Speech Language Therapist at Mt Richmond Special needs school and I have known him in this capacity for about 3 years.

Originally, my son Nicholas, who has Autism attended a different special needs school and during his teenage years his autism asserted itself in very difficult and trying ways. It got to the point where his existing school simply could not cope and it became obvious that we needed an alternative for Nicholas.

In the end, after looking very carefully at the other schools available we decided on Mt Richmond. The main reason for this was the attitude in the school, one of positivism, understanding and a determination that no problem was too big to be overcome.  Prakesh, in particular, was determined that Nicholas’s problems were able to be overcome with the right techniques and strategies and he started putting those techniques into place immediately  and the positive results started to come in the next few months.

Since then, Nicholas has made steady and very noticeable improvements in his behavior, his attitude to others and he is a considerably happier boy. I attribute a large amount of this change to the approach, skills and professionalism shown by Prakash. I think he has done wonders and our family is deeply grateful to him. Prakash is a man with great understanding about behaviours and above all he has very positive attitude.

I would not hesitate to recommend him at any time and would be happy to be contacted personally should anyone wish to do so.

John Moore

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