Educational and health professionals often work in a high-pressure environment where time, resource and budget constraints can make it difficult to deliver the best possible service to everyone in your care.

Our cost-effective services are designed to benefit schools and health and well being organisations by:

  • equipping them to provide high quality and informed guidance and support for people who connect with the world differently
  • save time (e.g. less time dealing with under performing students, poor behaviour, and anxious parents/caregivers)
  • save money by freeing up that time to focus on delivering your core service
  • reduce stress by enabling staff to quickly identify people who need help or support, and providing  positive pathways for assistance.

Our services are ideal for:

  • Teachers
  • Educational specialists
  • School guidance and Support staff
  • RTLB’s
  • Professional development of the staff

Special education services to assist your organisation 

Services that can benefit your organisation include:

  • preparing individual education plans
  • behaviour analysis and ecological adaptation planning for individuals
  • assessment and programming for individuals and organisations
  • teacher training
  • psychological services
  • speech language therapy support.

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Behaviour displayed by children and adults is a product of their experiences and learning. It has a meaning and function. Behaviour can be modified if we can modify their experiences and environment.