We provide children and adults with a range of psychological and speech therapy services, which are tailor made to their individual needs.

Helping children achieve their optimum potential

It is common for parents or caregivers to feel confused, anxious and frustrated about their unhappy, angry, withdrawn, obsessive, argumentative or under performing child (or teenager). We will help you to gain an insight into why the person is behaving in this way and, importantly, we will also provide you and the person with some strategies for achieving positive change.

Treatment options may involve some or all of the following:

  • assessments
  • therapy
  • counselling/ family support
  • positive parenting programmes
  • workshops for parents
  • follow up/ liaison with schools and other agencies. 

Helping adults achieve their optimum potential

Are you seeking support for one of the following?

  • would you like to know more about how you learn?
  • do you want to identify your strengths?
  • do you want to improve your parenting skills? 
  • are you concerned about any addictive or problematic behaviours (e.g. anxiety, depression, etc.)?

We can work with you to find out what lies at the root of the issue, and provide holistic and sensitive support that enables you to achieve your optimum potential.

    Positive Programming Plan

    Parents, educators and therapists work every-day to help those who suffer from dyslexia or who read & perform below grade level. However, when only the symptoms are treated, all that hard work may not be enough.

    Prakash being a registered Psychologist, Speech Language Therapist, qualified Audiologist,  and qualified counsellor with three decades of experience in the Education and Mental Health Sector offers an eclectic and comprehensive tailor made programme for children with Dyslexia and their families. He uses the term POSITIVE PROGRAMMING PLAN for planning for the families in the area of organisation, effective study techniques, and emotional well-being, sensory integration, positive parenting and self-esteem issues. Some behaviours might be the identified barriers due to ongoing frustrations in children with dyslexia. Positive behavior support strategies can come handy. Some additions such as gaming etc, can be also dealt through that model.

    Dyslexia treatment in public schools is usually provided in special education programs. Dyslexia, usually referred to as a learning disability, is determined by an IEP team and planned on the child’s individualized education program.

    Specific strategies used in treating dyslexia (or learning disability) often include research-based instruction such as phonemic awareness instruction, direct instruction, guided oral reading to develop fluency, speech and language therapy, and multisensory instruction.

    For more information regarding the positive programming plan please contact us.

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      Behaviour displayed by children and adults is a product of their experiences and learning. It has a meaning and function. Behaviour can be modified if we can modify their experiences and environment.