Below are some indicators from the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development to help identify giftedness in chidlren

  • Be good problem solvers
  • Concentrate for long period of time
  • Be perfectionists
  • Be avid readers
  • Persevere with interests
  • Have vivid imaginations
  • Enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles
  • Connect seemingly unrelated ideas
  • Enjoy paradoxes
  • Set high standards for themselves
  • Have a good long-term memory
  • Be deeply compassionate
  • Have persistent curiosity
  • Have an excellent sense of humour
  • Be a keen observer
  • Love Mathematics
  • Need periods of contemplation
  • Search for meaning in their lives
  • Be aware of things that others are not
  • Be fascinated by words
  • Be highly sensitive
  • Have strong moral convictions
  • Often feel out-of-sync with others
  • Be perceptive and insightful
  • Often question rules or authority
  • Learn new things rapidly
  • Have a great deal of energy
  • Feel driven by their creativity
  • Love ideas and ardent discussions
  • Be a complex person
  • Feel overwhelmed by many interests/abilities

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Behaviour displayed by children and adults is a product of their experiences and learning. It has a meaning and function. Behaviour can be modified if we can modify their experiences and environment.