Consultations & Fees

 At ABL Psychological Services, our commitment to providing holistic and sensitive support means that we recommend an integrated programme that will assist clients to achieve their optimum potential.  Our fees are listed with each service, although costs are negotiable where financial hardship is an issue.  Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice.

First Consultation

A 40 minute to one hour consultation to meet the client and gather appropriate information about their situation and to establish broad guidelines for the best course of future action.
Cost: $200 (inclusive of GST)

Cognitive and behavioural assessment

This comprehensive assessment establishes a person’s intellectual and behavioural strengths and challenges. Full testing takes around three to four hours, which could split into two sessions or more for younger children or people who find it difficult to concentrate.

Once assessment is complete, a comprehensive report (including broad recommendations) will be prepared. This will be presented in a face-to-face meeting with the individual or their caregiver, so as to enable questions and clarification.

Assessment cost: $950+ GST = $ 1092.50 (four routine assessment including report discussion meeting and GST)

(if other underlying issues are to be assessed such as serious challenging behaviours, syndromes and conditions, cost may increase after informing)

Any other services will cost $200 per hour

For RTLB/SENCO/Direct referrals from schools will cost $ 825.00 for a routine assessment if the client is brought to our centre. If Psychologist needs to travel to school to complete an assessment on site, extra $ 75.00 travel charges will apply.

Follow up counselling sessions/parent meetings

In many cases it is recommended that clients receive on-going counselling/organisational sessions to assist them to put the assessment report’s recommendations into practise. Often only three to four sessions are necessary, with occasional ‘top up’ counselling as needed. In other cases, an on-going counselling programme may be recommended.
Cost per hour: $200 (inclusive of GST)

Positive programming plan

ABL provides a unique and comprehensive service to develop a bank of strategies for optimum development of individual. Positive Programming Plan considers all needs of individual in variety of situations and develops a support guideline. This plan provides a consistent and comprehensive vision to bring the best in individuals. This plan can be a useful tool for schools, parents and community because it contains practical and pragmatic set of strategies.
Cost is negotiated case by case.

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Behaviour displayed by children and adults is a product of their experiences and learning. It has a meaning and function. Behaviour can be modified if we can modify their experiences and environment.