What are Prakash's qualifications?

Masters in Psychology, Masters in Sociology, Degree in Speech Language Therapy and PG Qualification in Counselling

What does Prakash generally do?

  • Cognitive and Educational Assessment

  • Emotional and Functional Assessment

  • Needs Analysis

  • Work with families and schools to make a difference to the performance of clients

  • Home visits and school visits on regular basis

  • Parenting and organisational support

  • Career and subject choices counselling

  • Positive Programming Plan

  • Behaviour Support Plan

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

What assessment tools does he use?



  • WIAT

  • Autism rating scales (4 types according to age groups)

  • Aspergers scales

  • Emotional quotient inventory

  • Organisational assessment through standardised tests

  • ABAS

  • SIB-R (Functional assessment)

  • Conner Behaviour rating scales (risk analysis)

  • Early childhood indicator assessments

What will the cost of assessments and consultations be?

  • $1265 inclusive of GST for the assessment + cost of extra forms at the rate of $6.00
    (after negotiating with parents and if absolutely necessary)

  • $ 200 per hour for extra negotiated support

  • $ 250 for consultation

  • Assessment takes 3 to 4 hours (generally 3 and half hours + other tests which comes to 4.5 hours)

  • Face to face assessment varies between 3 to 4 hours

  • Cost includes GST and report writing

  • Cost includes .5 hours of report discussion or emails or phone conversations

  • Other costs are negotiated with clients on the basis of number of hours.

I am a RTLB/SENCO and need to use ABL Psychology Services. What do I do?

  • Download a referral form specifically for RTLB’s

  • Ring Prakash at 021-2936758 or email him the request at

  • Once the date and time is scheduled he will assess and discuss the report

  • You could call up 09-2733577 or 09-4446859 for appointment with Prakash

  • Prakash offers subsidies on the assessment referred through RTLB’s and SENCO’s

  • The cost of RTLB referred assessment is RTLB $825.00 inclusive of GST

Does ABL Psychology offer SPELD assessments? How do I arrange one?

  • Prakash is a qualified SPELD assessor

  • The cost of the assessment is $650+gst

  • You need to ring up local office of SPELD and ask for Prakash Grover

  • They will forward the referral to Prakash

What is the range of issues he can provide services for?

  • Learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia

  • If someone is not achieving as per their potential

  • If your child does not like school work and does not want to go to school

  • Challenging behaviours

  • Sadness

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Emotional issues

  • Autism and Asperger’s

  • ADHD

  • Speech Problems

  • Language disorders

  • Adult assessment and support

  • He covers support for all age groups

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Behaviour displayed by children and adults is a product of their experiences and learning. It has a meaning and function. Behaviour can be modified if we can modify their experiences and environment.